"No Plasmoid in his right mind would dare mention that name, not even Zenos, or Rathal. No progenitor either, its the equivalent of campfire horror stories for Plasmoids and Progentiors. But to mention his name in the manner like he has returned when he has not is instant death by the nearest plasmoid or Progentior in the room." ~Nigrash.

James Pyro Storm is the designation for a progenitor or plasmoid (we are not sure) Who succeeded in breaking the five laws of the Cosmos. These laws were said to be impossible to achieve by any in existence, but he alone knew how to break them and it changed him into a Primoridal Force to powerful to be taken down by any form of technology, biology, or Plasmoid or greater beings.

What did he achieve?

He broke the first law. No single being cannot bring themselves (without aid of technology or another being,) back from the dead.

He broke the second law. A single being cannot become a primordial force or force of nature with the cosmos. (he broke that twice)

He broke the Third law. A being cannot become a place, or a dimension. (not without permission of the almighty being of beings)

He broke the fourth law. No being can kill an Ancient Ascendent. (It is impossible) (yet he did it)

He broke the Fifth Law. No one being can exist outside of time or not be affected in some way by it.

Who is he...

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