JORAN Combat Armor is a UGI made armor that is heavy enough to protect the soldier encased in it but yet light enough to move around the battlefield at optimum speed. It was designed to take a beating and has Flexiplate armoring built into it to ensure the person encased is flexible.


Designed by Commandant Joran of the UGI Marine Corps for all to use, he wanted it to be the UGI's primary combat armor as it was ideal in its size and weight but what made it different was that the squad insiginias would be like a Kama style skirt on the side that would show the soldiers affiliation however the kama's insigina was only known to other UGI units.


Created in 2509 it was shelved until 2560 where it was put to full use by all UGI soldiers. When SARIS came around they too wore this armor making the units to discover them harder. However this armor proved to be as strong as it was intended to be if not stronger, nearly invulnerable to even Taiidan weaponry it was designed to disperse the energy directed to it but not use the energy.


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