Interstellar Federation of Planets
Agency information
Agency type

Federation Council

Date of formation


Preceding agency

The Federation/Starfleet destroyed 2509

Superseding agency

Glactic Federation of Stellar Quadrants and Regions

  • Earth
  • Vulcan
  • Romulan
  • Klingon
  • Taildians (Provisional)
  • Others

San Franscico, Earth


120 billion indiviuals

  • + 500,000 point on the Interstellar Market

Federation President

Parent Agency

The Legislative Branch


The Executive and Judicial Branch

After the aftermath of the San Franscico holocaust a new government had to be founded out of the turmoil and chaos that was caused by Section 31 and the three admirals. The new Goverment pledged to make the governing bodies more reinforced by and less corruptable by making Starfleet and the Federation one.  Section 31 was now merely a article in the starfleet handbook nothing more. The New Intellignece agency was now known as The Federation Intel Network on both Internal and External Affairs or FINIE. 

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