To maintain intergalactic peace The Lorem Ipsum issued a Prisoner protocol system that issued escaped prisoners from UGI or UGF or even Uranian space would be promptly sent back to the their proper origin. If they cannot get the the prisoner back to its orgin point, the prisoner will be stored on a ship without an automated crew, and sent to the region at the fastest warp possible. 

Lorem Ipsum's QuoteEdit

"The UGI don't have any respect for boundries when it comes to a citzen or prisoner of their own, therefore as of now all prisoners are part of the the UGI or are UGI prisoners seeking asylum will now be forced upon unarmed ships headed for UGI space. There and only there will they be treated as such and we will avoid any more UGI troops dropping in and slaying thousnads just to get one or two prisoners. If a UGI whether citzen or soldier ask you to do something, do it, no questions asked." Lorem Ipsum

UGI ResponseEdit

"You can quote me on this, you touch a UGI civilian, and it maybe your undoing. We have a promise to uphold, and those prisoners your sending to UGI space you have no idea what you are doing. War Criminals are being sent in ships to UGI space, War criminals that are from the Novan Galaxy, where terror reigned. UGI civilians can count on the fact that the UGI will not stop to protect its civillians and if you don't believe us, see what happens."
―President Bel'or

After that UGI civilians were escorted by UGI Soldiers on every world they went to. Few days later the Sorghelli arrived and the UGI-Sorghelli War commenced.

Imperium Counter ResponseEdit

"''"In the name of...!!! Can't you understand i am trying to make sure their will no longer be disbutes, can't you uu hkh!! hn!"
―Lorem Ipsum
"Get a medical team down here now the Lorem is having a stroke. I hope your happy, about this when all my father has tried to do is to try to repair the damage he did in the war long ago, have you no shame!"
―Erex Tech

Needless to say the Lorem survived, it also proved that the Lorem ,was mortal.

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