Orbital Proton Cannon

"Prepare to fire,"

Imperium Orbital Operations have been considered a usable weapon/defense since the end of the Corporate War. A constant problem that occurs is if your fleet is busy trying to destory the atrox or some wild band of pirates and somebody is attacking a nearby planet, does one have to stop everything and go protect the Planet? No, you provide a Orbital defense network capable of filling in for fleets of ships. 

Orbital Weapons for Offensive PurposesEdit

Orbital Rail Guns: are used to puncture through indiviual structures as well as creating massive craters which disrupt the battlefield terrain. 

Orbital Ion Cannons: The best shield shutdown weaponary in existance. Bases shields down in seconds and unshield structures become victem to the Proton cannons.

Orbital Proton Cannon: are used to destroy wide scale areas a single strike. A constant worry is the chain reaction would becomes self sustaining destroying everything on the planets surface until it begins affecting the mantle and the core. 

Orbital weapons for Defensive PurposesEdit

Orbital Rail Guns: unshielded ships are history with powerful warp 9 velocities a cartridge about a foot wide is able to pierce and distort most any ships armour. 

Orbital Ion cannons: Shields are stripped from ships and fleets, but who would have guessed that they made such powerful phaser like weapons as well.

Orbital Proton Cannons: Do you really want a weapon that will strip the bonds of matter from the atoms and cause a chain reaction that can destroy entire fleets? My answer, Buy this baby!

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