The Amateur
The Rex
Product information

Imperium Cyberspace Constructions


Flag Ship Series


2 of 2


Battleship/Cruiser/Carrier/Diplomatic Vessel.

Technical information

19,320 meters


7,890 meters


5,500 meters

Stellar speed

.99999998 warp

Atmospheric speed

350 mph

Engine Unit(s)

Jerod Tech Self Designed

Warp Drive

Jerod Tech Self Designed

Warp speed


Power output

1.6 Ugotab watts


Kalminite Plasma Core

Shield Generator

100 Yottawatts


30 inches of Imperium Armour

Sensor Range

57,000,000 Km

Targeting systems

Self Designed Targeting Matrix


Korbinion Navigation System


Procom Computer Matrix "Alyssa"


Self Healing Hull (damaged areas break away and underneath is a new layer of Armour.


1000 Starfighters

Crew requirements
  • 11,000 Crew Members
  • 1,000 comfort staff
  • 500 Senior Staff
  • Capt/Ambassador Jerod Tech

1000 VIP Suites

Cargo capacity

8.5 Petatons

  • 3 year supply
  • (5 year supply Unreplicated food)
Other systems
  • Sensor Scrambler
  • Hologram Communicator
  • Pleasure Crew Quarters
First usage

UGF Negotiations 2722

  • Flagship of the Imperium (2 of 2)
  • To provide a Presentation and negotiation environment.



Immoruti Imperium

The Rex and her sister ship The Amateur are the largest and heaviest armoured and armed ships in the Immoruti Imperium and the heaviest in the entire Intergalactic colony region. Sporting enough firepower to single handedly destroy every planet in a starsystem (even with planetary shields). 


The Rex and The Amateur are the brainchildren of the children of the Lorem Ipsum. Created to serve as the twin flagships of the Imperium as well as provide the twin Crystal fleets each with a command ship. Designed by both children the Flag ships are an immpressive feat for their size as they actually turn quicker than most ships half their size. They are also the first ships in the universe save for The Atrox Battlecrusiers to have Kalminite Plasma Cores. Beacuase of their immense size they were issued to carry both military and civilian research teams as well as a far larger than normal Medical bay. 

The Amateur Edit

The Amateur can be one of the most insulting ships of all time. Not only does it reverse engineer and take prizes from ships it has destroyed but its very name is insulting, what captain or admiral wants to be beaten by an Amateur. 

Atrox IncursionsEdit

Unlike its sister ship the Amateur rarely saw combat and when it did it always showed up when near the end of every battle. Also unlike its sister ship the Amateur was a much cleaner and more gleaming ship more often used in diplomacy and diplomatic meetings rather than in actual warfare. Nonetheless like it sister ship i was an incredibly powerful ship. 

Erex Tech's CommentsEdit

"My brother delights in comfort and Diplomacy, but even more likes his comfort women and and using them as negotiation tools. "
―Jerod sits their in the second most powerful ship in the Imperium and entertains Politicians, while i busy myself actually defending and protecting civilians and my own soldiers from the Atrox! [src]

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