Imperium Devastator Cannon

The Imperium Devastator Cannon is the heaviest Ground forces Siege Gun in Imperium and even AulTech history. In a single shot it can dissolve shields cause an atomic chain reaction and create an incredibly powerful Shutdown pulse bringing a base to its knees.

Imperium Devastator Cannon
Product information

Imperium Military


Ultra heavy Siege

Technical information

550 meters

Ammo type


Max. Ammo

350 ExaWatts

Magazine size

1 shot every 30 seconds


500 kilometer maximum

"We can withstand any force that the Imperium hits us with." 

"Sir somethings coming up on our sensor readings," 

"On Viewer," (pause)

"My god, Quick hail the Imperium tell them we surrender!" A discussion between Commander Hynsing of the Nijink Pirate Fleet, to a subordinate surrending upon seeing the Imperium Devastator Cannon deployed.

First AppearanceEdit

The Imperium Devastator Cannon was first introduced Imperium wide as a public demonstration of what they would do to people who dared harm, abduct, or even insult the Imperium's Citzens. 

When the IDC first was deployed it not only destoryed the bases shields but also struck the Shield generator and caused a chain reaction in the matter that made up the structure, resulting in an incredible nuclear exlosion that resulted in level most of the base, the shutown pulse also from the beam rendered all weapons powerless and created such bad migranes that the pirates could barely even breathe without clutching at their heads and moaning. When the hostages had been removed the pirates where left where they were and when the hostages were a safe distance away the general then ordered the cannon to fire at maximum firepower. The result, caused an explosion that pushed the upper layers of the planets atomsphere into space, a ground quake over 37 on the richter scale was recorded and the area target was left a gaping 15 mile wide 7 mile deep, white hot gaping hole.

Thankfully the weapons personel shielding protected it from most of the explosion, it was soon retired and place in a military museum while those who had designed it were making millions to be used in all Imperium arsenals. 


One general who led ground forces told Erex Tech that the pirates would not surrender their base and the hostages. The Erex then replied, "if they will not surrender then we will bring them and their base to their knees, and then we will cut their legs off from knee, forcing them to sink so low that they would be remembered as the example of what happens when you mess with the Imperium's Citzens! 

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