Central Core

Central Core Deployed

Air Superiority has always been the ground breaking military tactic and achievement since 20th century earth, Who rules the air commands all that depend upon it. To combat a potential aerial assualt the Imperium makes sure that it stays at the head of Aerial engineerign at all times. 

Aieral CommandEdit

Like Ground Forces The all aerial vessels depended upom Micro Cores to serve as their engineering and respawnment locations, unlike the the Micro cores of the Ground Forces Division The Air force Micro cores bury themselves in the highest geological places possible before creating a shield to surround not only itslef but the mountain it sits within preventing foundation collapse. 

Quanity through QualityEdit

Unlike the Ground Forces Division the Immoruti Imperium has but two types of Aircraft yet these aircraft can often outperform most opposing aircraft in their immese swarms without losing so much as 5% of their forces. 

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