Taiidan Imperial palaceNewTaiidan
The place of power in the Reformed Taiidan Empire. It was built in the exact same manner as the Taiidan Palace from when Xerxes ruled. It is also the location of the Norhik Order. It is the most secured location in the entire Taiidan Empire and possibly even more secure than the House of Nevron as it contains the crypts of the Emperors and is the resting place of all Taiidan Emperors while in stasis. All GAUR MK II Hangars around this location have faster turbolifts allowing the massive vehicles to be on the streets and ready for action in under a minute from stepping on the platform, these platforms around the structure are also strong enough to move 6 at a time.


It was built to the exact replication of the Taiidan Palace in the Novan Galaxy and the orginal palace was soo well built that on the planet it was built on in the Novan galaxy still stands though a derelict it was built in a way that it has survived bombardments.

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