Ignosis was a Taiidan prince and younger brother of Gori'thak. He had perhaps the most painful life of any memeber of the ruling family. Like his brother he had extrosis but already in its fifth form and was confinded to a hoverchair till he was 40 years old where he went on a very painful trip to the Halo Galaxy. Why he went their remained a mystery but he became a medical marvel in the Taiidan Empire when he returned completely 100% extrosis free. His body restored and but even his personality had been changed and was excuted by his brother for being unworthy of the ruling family because of his change in personailty. He died with a smile on his face and a look of total peace. Shortly after his death his body began turning into light and vanished. 

Before the Halo GalaxyEdit

He caught the disease from the same source his brother had caught it. Before the disease he had the makings of a very volitle leader. He had little regard for non-taiidan society and for a time was a member of the Shao'dun Philosphy. Already it looked as if he would make a powerful leader whom ight have even been able to make the Taiidan empire an extragalactic empire. However, when he got the exstrosis he began to detoriate far more rapidly than hs brother. Studying anicent progenitor records during his last 3 years before stage five occured, it was mentioned that their was a place you could go to search for help. Afterward he got rid of that record to prevent anyone from explointing it. Boarding a ship he began a 15 year journey to the Halo galaxy. 

The ReturnEdit

Nearly 70 years later he returned. His brother who was watching the gangplank for him to be carried or move out on his hover chair was surprised when his brother came walking out of ship looking as if the disease had never been present in him. When he was asked on how he was cured his only reply was "Seek Anu and he will help you". To all other conversations though he responded normally. His ship was checked for where he had been but nobody could find anything. 

His personailty had changed as well, instead of being hateful and merciless, he was slow to pull the trigger on a criminal and quick to offer mercy. He punished but not with death or torture.  At some point his brother unable to accept why he got cured and was now becoming an embarressment had him exeucted by assiassignation. After getting shot twice he walked over to the the assassign and told him he forgave him before the assassign shot him in the face. 

Shortly following his death his brother came to inspect the body and before his eyes watched it turn into light and vanish. 

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