IMV-31 Hornet Fighter
Hornet render
Product information

Carpathian Shipyards




Super Fighter

Technical information

75 feet


45 ft


10.5 ft


250,000 lbs

Engine Unit(s)

(2) Ion Drives

Power output

1 yJ


1 yJ

Shield Generator

10 eJ



Sensor Range

10,000 sqmi

Targeting systems

20.5 miles


Sensor Jammers

  • (2) Dual Repeating Pulse Arrays
  • (2) Railguns
  • (10) AAAM-1 Missiles
  • (40) MVI-3 Volley Micro Missiles
Crew requirements

1 Pilot


10 days air

  • Escort
  • Starfighter
  • Multi Strike Force

Designed by a student at the Trillion & Vaskiov Institute. This fighter would be put into production and was to replace the Defender though many pilots saw the defender as a reliable fighter they were eventually convinced that this was the new future.

Design & CharacteristicsEdit

This fightercraft has many feautures that many wouldn't fully understand unless trained in it and its done for a reason. Those who haven't been to pilot school to train on this fighter wouldn't be able to jump in and take off in fact each fighter is assigned to a specific pilot and uses biometric scanners of the blood to determine the rightful pilot. Although many think this could be overriden and it can but the scanners can detect if the blood isn't from the actual body in question and if it is cloned.

It is armed with enough firepower to blot out the sky quite literally with its missiles that can be devastating to unshielded ships and its micro missiles that can swarm the skies; however the pilots of these craft are taught to be the best dogfighters out there relying on thier guns over thier missiles to create the ultimate pilot craft.

It has an advanced IFF that prevents it from firing on other IMV-31 Hornet Fighter unless the system detects the other craft has been overriden with an unknown pilot; effectively creating a craft that is impossible to kill its own even if a missile goes near another it will miss the other hornet and hit the target no matter how close down to micrometers. It also connects to the BATSATCOM


The student Ajan Balorik was creditted with this design in his Aero Defense 1302 class on his way to his masters degree for Aero Defense Engineer. Already with 73 credits on his record this student was born on New Taiidan to human UGI citizens. The project was to design a fighter craft with full blueprints and when the UGI instructor saw these designs he took him aside and talked to him. Ajan Balorik wasn't ever seen again as Division 11 agents kidnapped him and put him into the Vault where he would spend the rest of his life designing for the UGI and he was ok with it.

The IMV-31 Hornet Fighter was put into service quickly and when they saw what it was capable of in simulations they put it to the test and where shocked when it could do everything the Defender could but even more; though the Defender had only one advantage over this fighter the pilots that flew the Defender would defend its name to its bitter end.

During the Regeant War this fightercraft proved its name and worth to the UGI as it flew around and devastated the enemy in airstrikes and pulled maneuvers that confused the Regeant fighters.

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