Hydra Missiles
HYDRA missile
Product information

Taiidan Arms



Technical information

75 feet

  • 750,000 miles(Space)
  • 56,000 miles(Atmosphere)

Hydra Missiles are the biggest non-fusion based missile in the UGI. They are built without Antimatter, and are extremely devastating. They can still level a very large city and reduce it to ash. It can be used as a bomb as there is a feature that doesn't use the propulsion only adding to its explosive power. However it can be disabled and disarmed by specialized UGI soldiers trained to do so. 

Safety FeaturesEdit

  • Although it is a smart bomb it can only be disarmed by a command code that is unique to the bomb. Only the highest ranking admiral has this command code. And if it has to be disarmed by hand only a Taiidan can disarm it as it is in their language in a dialect that cannot be deciphered or decrypted. 
  • The dialect use is called Co'loa
  • If tampered with it detonates immediately. Its blast radius is 750 miles2

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