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Calling themselves the Angels these monstrosities are a spaceborn species and are actually an evolution of the Manti. They evolved to be immune to the Taiidan radiation in small doses but are still effected by the radiation.


Their name is what the Taiidans gave them Huri'tiukai it means abomination. The UGI began to swarm the Omega Quadrant and began to bomb fight them at every turn but it turns out they were not affected by energy weapons, they took the energy and used it against the UGI. But if they were overloaded with energy they would die from it. 

Their look is disgusting but you cannot help but wonder how they became this mutation. That is the result of the ZR-57 misfire that the manti was out of its range when it detonated and it mutated due to radiation. Able to fly at such high speeds that they outrun UGI vessels, fighter craft were being retrofitted with even more powerful engines to keep up. They lay eggs in the planetary surface to kill and consume the planet but even more deadly is that they take only 7 days to mature.


The Imperium first discovered them but the ship was destroyed before it could send out a signal the UGI then sent in a scout to look for the missing vessel. Upon finding it they discovered a similar frequency that frequency was Manti. They called in the UGI 9th Fleet and the Huri'tiukai wars began. It would take the UGI 80 years to eradicate them from the Milky Way even with the help of Michael Trillion he couldn't build a device that would kill instead he built one to communicate with them and they got a disturbing message:

We are Angels, we know you Taiidans, our mother isn't pleased.

The Wars would be contained in the Omega until the Huri'tiukai went through a UGI Jump Gate to the Pegasus and laid eggs there. This was the worst case scenario that the gate malfunctioned and now the Pegasus was at risk.

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