"Humans are the most dominate species in the region of Galaxy Prime and the regional Galaxies of the Immoruti Imperium as well." a noted historian. 

"They may be weak when it comes mortal physiology, however they are among the most adaptive and suriving of many species we have encountered." a Taiidan Historian.

"They have no evoultinary peak, this would give them inevitable possibilty that humans could achieve plasmoid state. However by the time they would evoultionary achieve this the universe will be long gone." A Coragadun Historian.


The great debate is whether or not humans naturally evolved on the earth or not. This debate has caused many wars as well as many catestrophes both natural and man-made. 

The history like many species is full of hundred of diverse cultures that still continue to persist today. 

The 20century of earth was period of immense technological change and by the 21st century thanks to AulTech Industries Technological and Societal advancedment continued to double every year until the third world war. In the early 22nd century thanks to First contact earth made transition to their space age. 

From the mid 22nd century to the early 26th century the united federation of planets and starfleet controlled earth's history and shaped it to both good and disputable goals. 

In the early 26th century a Starfleet conspiracy led to the dissolvement of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets. This led to the creation of the Interstellar federation of planets which secretly was a puppet government under the control of AulTech Industries and the "android gone insane" Letric Tech. This led to a conflict which became single most signifgant event in the galaxy's history thus rearranging the calender to label the end of the Corporate war as year 0. This event ended the age of minor coalitations and single societies. It was the first and only known time Galaxy Prime was united. 

Meanwhile AulTech suriveors and the recently surfaced Letric Tech fled to beyond the galaxy where they would eventually establish the longest lasting and largest human Empire that became known as the Immoruti Imperium which by the end of the UGI-Soreghelli war was the single most advanced culture in the known universe. 

While the UGF eventually became a lesser power as more societies broke away to join the UGI or the Imperium, Humans became less and less known in Galaxy Prime leaving Earth as a world that still lay underconstruction and would eventually in time begiven to the Uyeer as a replacement for the loss of their homeworld. 

Humanity would come to thrive in both the Imperium and the UGI.


Somebody do the research.

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