How does a Kalminite reactor work?

Brief informationEdit

The Kalminite Reactor is among the most complex and simple technolgies of all time. The only simple part of this reactor is the fact that no nuclear reaction takes place (Thank God). The Kalminite crystal use the telportation technology to directly transfer the Kalminite in extremely small quanites directly into energy. The operators of the reactor mus then disperse the energy evenly through the condiuts without causing one or another condiuts to explode from the high amounts of energy.  

The ComplexityEdit

A Kalminite Reactor's real problems consits around three things, safety, safety, and safety. Kalminite is among the most reactive of all elments in the cosmos. To contain Kalminite one must eliminate all magnetic field that could interfer with the highly unstable molcules that make up the crystal. To do this you must lay around 80ft thick sheets of repulsium which removes all magnetic field effects that are in the vincity. 

The second biggest problem is the radiation, even for the Taildan and the Coragdun (Pre-Plasmoid form) all can agree that Kalminite Radiation is by far the most lethal radiation in the cosmos. Kalminite radiation is so strong that it actually cause lead to detoriate at rapid pace. Concrete actually liquifies at this radiation. The only known substance that blocks Kalminite radation is Neutronium. Even then the neutronium must be replaced in five years as even it begins to detoriate. 

The third biggest problem with Kalminite is heat. Naturally accuring Kalminite is has such a low boiling point that it is literal only a farenhite degree from its melting point. Before that is its freezing point. At plasm point the heat is around 4 degrees farenhite. Quantum state exists at 5 degrees and higher. 

To counter this an incredibly cold liqued known as Criticasium flows through large and small pipes throughout the reactor to cool the temperture of the Kalminite to 9800 degrees below zero. At this tempture should the Criticasium go offline the enigneers have at least 3 1/2 hours before the Kalminite reaches 2 degrees.