House Extri'tio

"However new this house is the UGI and the Taiidans will respect the House Extri'tio for its member has earned it through his deeds saving the empire from and overwhelming threat. He has also honored his emperor in a new fashion which will now be required of any conquered empire by any Officer responsible for their destruction. Captain Knight this is your House what are the requirements since you will likely be forming a family." Taiidan Emperor to the masses gathered outside the palace, and on interstellar channels.

"My house is a house of Loss, a house of Misery, to be apart of the house, you must be exceptional, but in you success you must have something that sets you apart whether physical or mental, as a sign of your inner misery. Your Misery is expressed by what you did to yourself to be able to be apart of this House." Captain Knight.

House Extri'tio is known as the house of misery, in the Taiidan tongue, a name which was questioned and then became honored and feared. Unlike the other noble houses where birth is defining of the house, your misery expressed as loss of your body one personally did to themselves, is the only way to be apart of the house. The house demands absolute loyalty, and obedience. Its members are among the most tormented beings in the UGI and on Taiidan. They are feared because of the mutilations they have done to themselves and their sacrifices in war, and the outright horror that they have been known to suffer and use against others.

One the open public fears is that like the House Tjuis, should a Member of the House Extri'tio become emperor, the Taiidan influence on the UGI may cause tension since many members of these houses are known for being unstable, but more so the fear is directed at House Extri'tio because many of its members walk the thin line between sanity and insanity. Added with their high intelligence they could make easily some of the greatest emperors, or the most dreaded tyrants in Taiidan History.

Its members can be listed here though the actual number is said to be around 67.

  • Its first member and House elder is Captain Nikolai Knight, who is the head of the house and the one directs operating power within and outside the house.

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