Herald-class Fleet Carrier
Fleet-carrier perspective
Product information



Fleet Carrier

Technical information

2,626 meters

Warp Drive


Warp speed




  • Plasma Cannons
  • Missile Silos
  • 400 Fighter Squadrons(Or Bombers)
Crew requirements


Skeleton Crew



Fleet Carrier



 The Herald-class Fleet Carrier is named after a major General Algou Herald from Dakara who died while in a troop transport. This vessel is armed to the teeth with missiles and plasma turrets. It can hold its own by itself but its always safer to have backup. When this ship is seen there is no doubt it has back up from a Heavy Cruiser or two. These are the most valuable vessels in the UGI Navy.


Long and flat; capable of transporting 400 fightercraft as well as 10 Valkyries. Its weapons are only defensive in nature. In emergencies they can be retrofitted into a hospital ship.


These vessels have seen combat at every turn they made. Its been hard for a long time to keep these vessels out due to the lack of offensive weaponry they were being attacked by cruisers and losing. That is when the UGI decided to put heavy Escorts around the Fleet Carriers, though this would end up saving them in the long run the UGI would end up saving more and more credits with this strategy. In the new Reality though they were able to fly solo again, due to the fact they were more powerful then even the strongest Starfleet vessel at the exact time.

During the Corporate War the UGI dispatched Hospital ships which were retrofitted UGI Fleet Carriers to help out, but when on was attacked by AulTech thats when the UGI became directly involved in the war, and thats when AULTECH understood why the were being pushed back.

During the Sorghelli War the UGI put vessels on every world in attempts to protect the world knowing that the would lose the battle, they even had to put these vessels by themselves, and when they were under attack by the Sorghelli, their crews held the line bravely as planets were being evacuated in attempts to save as many lives, the UGI would end up losing 97% of its Navy during this time.

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