Helghast Shock Trooper

The Helghast Shock Trooper is part of the Helghan army. These soldiers use overwhelming force to not only obliterate thier enemy but as well as destroy the objective. They are considered the Helghan's best soldiers and they are fairly common.


They train for every possible combat situation they can think of from fighting on glacial planets to fighting in extreme heat they go to worlds to train there with the most extreme climates. They are also trained for urban warfare, and are so well trained that they can make some UGI forces cower. They will be dropped from high orbit at times and will eliminate the objective from up close with their high powered Ion carbines with a armor piercing grenade launcher mounted underneath. When in combat their vocabulators make them sound menacing and are totally obidient. Whatever they are ordered to do no matter how depraved they will commit to it, emotionless in combat, destructive in nature, they are seen on Helghan occupied worlds walking the streets of the city they conquer and execute people randomly.


The Shock troopers were orginally used to force people out of thier homes when they invaded a new planet, and they would raid the house force everyone out and would burn it to the ground, they were also known to extinguish all life in the cities or towns they conquered. Soon they would be used as commando units and would be in the fight with their fellow brethren in decimating the enemy. It was however considered a great honor to fight with these men. Very few have ever defected, approximately 5 have ever defected in their 250 year existence as a Helghan soldier unit. 

When they fought the UGI they fought mercilessly, and were ruthless in combat. They would after every battle execute the survivors line them up and open fire. They have done some operations in the new galaxy including continuing the war between the Helghans and the UGI.

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