The Helghan Security Force is the name of a the Police force of the Helghan Empire; known for thier brutal policing tactics and highly militarized citizen police force. They are considered worse then the UGI SECFORCE. In which the Helghan Security Force acts as a secret police.


Members of the Helghan Security Force have to go through rigid bootcamp and take military courses; unless you were former Military the Helghan Security is by far one of the most brutal policing forces in the known universe. While on Helghan soil you don't even need to be charged with a crime to be executed and daily executions are exacted on "tourist". 

Security ForcesEdit

They use expensive armor and no expense is wasted on its security as well as its weapons are high military grade armaments. They use the exact same vehicles as the Helghan Army.

Security OfficerEdit

Helghan Security
The Security Officer is by far th emost common and thier high end armor ensures they are respected and feared. Their faces kept from the general populace as they carry heavy assault rifles just for policing duty. They patrol the streets of the Helghan Empire exacting the law of Military Justice Bureau and are entirely exempt from all forms of Police Brutality laws that other organizations have. Its not uncommon to see a Helghan Security Officer beating a civilian for just walking in front of them; these soldiers are feared by many and are on par with UGI military training. THey wear light armor that can withstand heavy assault rifles and are required to PT(Physical Training) weekly. 

To even become a Security Officer you must be able to do 100 pushups and run 7 miles. 

Heavy Security Officer/Riot PoliceEdit

Heavy Helghan Security
Known for thier heavier armor and carrying a Shield and Shotgun; these citizen soldiers are seen on every street corner enforcing the law; and instilling fear in its citizens. When a riot starts they charge into battle and tend to leave no survivors. They have been considered even more brutal than the normal Security Officers and are the reason the Galactic Council has put a embargo on the Helghans. Jin'Huan are not allowed in the Helghan streets and there are no laws to protect the soveriegnty of these peoples. When on Helghan soil your affiliations cannot help  you from these security officers. UGI are killed upon notice.


They were known to be the most brutal of all police forces making the UGI SECFORCE look like pacifist by comparison as they brutally attack and murder citizens for the fun of it. They were created by Victor Valin and is currently lead by Commissioner Supreme Algir. This secret police has been cause to be embargoed by the Galactic Council and the Jin'Huan tell its citizens to never visit Helghan worlds.

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