The Helghan Military Forces are some of the most brutal in the known universe. Known for following thier facist goverment without hesistation and with head up high these soldiers learned to not be an individual and become souless.

Helghan SoldierEdit

Helghan Soldier
The Helghan Soldier is averaged out to be about 6'3" and weighing in at 220 pounds without their armor and they walk through hell and smile when in combat. These soldiers brutally assault their enemies and without hesitation kill anything in sight leaving not much to survive. If it moves weather it be a woman or child or soldier its executed they line them up and cover their heads and pull the trigger.

Helghan Shock TrooperEdit

Helghan Shock
The Helghan Shock Trooper is a highly trained soldier that can over run its enemies front lines with relative ease. They are on par with the UGI soldiers but are wearing lighter armor than the Helghan Soldier as they are highly trained and for their size they are acrobatic which is a little unsettling. With their STA-1 rifles they are quite a danger known to literrally jump over the barricades behind the soldiers they have microboosters in there feet that allows them to jump the distance. With 150 lbs of armor and around 40 lbs of ammunition they are well equipped and armed to take down the enemy.

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