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Political information
Type of Government
  • Fascist State
  • Military State
  • Military Dictatorship


Head of Government
  • Aurta
Legislative branch
Judicial branch
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Capital world


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Enemies of State
Historical Information
Formed from


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The Helghans are the most dangerous species from the Novan Galaxy to converge into the Starfleet reality. They are sworn enemies of the UGI as well as the most powerful military superpower in the Novan Galaxy.


Similar to the Third Reich of Earth history. They were a military super power that was so dangerous that they could keep the UGI at bay with their vast army. Citizens loving their leaders so much they don't see themselves as being restricted instead they believe that their safety must be protected. It is lead by the Council of Three called the Helghan War Trust.


Helghan Army

The entire third army

The Helghan military is the largest military in the entire galaxy.What the picture depicts is just one of their many armies. The Third army is the smallest army in the Helghan military, and it has 125 million soldiers in it. There are a total of 70 Ground Armies each of them are at around 250 million soldiers a piece. Their technology is still based on Ion energy for Novan galaxy that is low tech yet its effective. Their Fleets are relatively weak to the UGI cruisers but they have a ground Vehicle the Mark 2 that can shoot a UGI heavy cruiser out of the sky and its around 17 kilometers tall.


The Helghans come from the world Helgha and when they fought the Taiidans they lost the war but respected the Taiidans and the UGI. Not much is known about these people.


They are very interested in politics but they have several boundaries which is weird.

AULTech IndustriesEdit

Although the Helghans are at a state of war with the UGI. The Helghans refuse to help AULTech Industries steal technology from the UGI and the Taiidans as though they hate the UGI and Taiidans they respect them enough to maintain their honor in their war. AULTech Industries is allowed on their world but they have no power there.

AL Reality Edit

In the Alternate Reality the Helghans remain a continuing problem for the UGI and a nuisance for the galaxy at large. Over the course of a Decade they were able to gain a Galactic Sponser for their war on the UGI. The Rakshi did so with only minor setbacks in their suggestions for assualts, Inevitably by the mid time of the Corporate war, the Rakshi revealed their true intentions to the Helghan and were responsible for sending Helghan's twin moons crashing into the planet itself. In seconds the Rakshi eliminated over 99% of the total Helghan population leaving the one percent burned beyond reason and left to be picked over by Taiidans some weeks later.

It would be then that the Taiidan's and the UGI would first hear about a species that is systematically annihilating their enemies and their friends.

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