"In the early 21st century of Earth mankind discovered a new kind of sport that soon began to take the world by its horns and steer it into an era where electronic gaming became a international sport, now today we have recreated what earth had lost and have successful integrated the first ever Massively Multiplayer Holo Roleplay Online, now as seen before you can command the armies of the Early days of the UGI, command our enemies who have fallen before us, and become the legend you have sought to be."

HSPORT as it is known in the UGI is the single largest and only MMHRO allowed by the government for active interplanetary usage. Its secret purpose though is ever more revealing, those who do exceeding well and are not immediately recognized by the media are kidnapped from their homes where the UGI Intelligence brainwashes them into becoming strategists for the UGI.

Tech Corp's VP was responsible for releasing this to the UGI Command as a way to conscript both UGI citizens and non into becoming useful to the UGI. When the Letric Tech found out about the truth of what his creation was being used for, he threatened to pull the plug on the game, to which the VP with a sect of UGI Command were able to discredit his weight on the Board of Tech Corp forcing his VP to becoming his Co-partner, and changing the name to AULTech Industries.

Following his discredit Letric Tech slowly became less and less active in his company's operations until 2503 (or 16 years following Taiidan Arrival) he no longer made public appearances and in 2504 he sold his shares in the company that was rapidly becoming the single most successful corporation in galactic maybe even universal history. He took to private life at age 24 the wealthiest of 10 men in the universe, at 65 trillion UGI credits to his personal wealth.

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