"There was an era where a Taiidan Emperor was unfit to rule and their were no sibling replacements avalible, that was the Era of Grand Vizer Scraith Iruk'diz. He is more well known as Scraith the Wraith, because of his relentless wrath against hundreds of regions in the Taiidan galaxy and mass enslavments amist all said inferior non taiidan beings. His second in command Uruk'oth was infamous for creating Derexium and plating the first ships with it. The two of them are responsible for innumerable deaths across the novan galaxy. While recorded official records talk of the death toll in the trillions, the correct death toll was in the zillions, and they were the reason for the smaller size of the Novan galaxy compared to other galaxies." Taiidan Researcher.

Scraith the Wraith is among the legendary rulers of the Taiidan empire. He was feared widely as he was cruel, to the point other Taiidans eventually after 300 years under his harsh rule banded together to assassinate him. They succeeded but not before his second in command detonated a Radioactive device that radiofied Taiidan.

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