"Since first contact in 2267, the Gorn Hegmony as remained the single most loyal member to the federation, with loyalties unlike any to the human race." Federation records.

The Gorn are a space-faring race located in the Beta Quadrant bordering the Alpha Quadrant.

History Edit

While Evolution records vary what is known is that the Gorn are the equivalent of descendants of the raptor species found on earth.

In 2267 they made first contact with the federation in the worst way over a territory dispute. When it was resolved relations remained weary but both sides maintained a deep respect for each other.

In 2301 however a group of Gorn crash landed on the moon colony of federation world, injured and dying, the survivors were nursed back to health by a family of civilians.

In 2303 these Gorn were rescued and returned to Gorn space. A year later the Gorn opened diplomatic exchanges and enlisted to be allied to federation.

In 2413 following a Borg attack the Gorn fleet and Federation fleet manage to hold off a borg invasion until the Klingons and Romulans arrive, following this event the four begin in new diplomatic relations with each other including the dismantling of the Romulan neutral zone.

In 2525 the Gorn assembly a colony ship for the Great Extra-galactic colonization.

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