Biographical information







1700 LBS

Cybernetic Implant(s)

Taiidan Cybernetic

  • Entire Taiidan Military
Armor set

Taiidan Imperial Outfit


Entire Taiidan Navy

Notable Facts
  • He brought the Taiidans into the "Modern era".
  • He organized the Taiidan Military into a even more feared organization.
  • He was the most loved of all the Emperors
Military Information

Taiidan Emperor

 Not many people can say they were the most loved of all the Emperors, nor can they say they were the most powerful of the Emperors. His sister abidicated the throne when she realized Gori'thak's skill at diplomacy as well as military tactics. But he also had an onset of Taiidan Extrosis at a young age and even had advanced Stage IV Extrosis by age 29.


He wasn't one for brute force instead he was more of a in the shadows. He created the Taiidan Intelligence and made it feared for what they were. As well as he was a kind Emperor, but behind his soft demeanor was a monster waiting to unleash his full force. Under him the Taiidans conquered much of the galaxy when his soft deamnor was misunderstood for cowardice.


Very few of a times was there someone there to tell him not to do that because when he did something it was with skill and meticulous calculations. He created the Taiidan Intelligence just to infilitrate the Tey'talians. His son Tao'li would take his legacy and create a far better place for Taiiidans. Under construction

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