Golina is a Tel'tadian who married Michael Trillion but after Taiidan resistance for many reasons, she wouldn't be allowed to be under Taiidan protection as part of the alliance Tel'tadians were not allowed to marry outside of Taiidans due to their compatiblity. 


Having a body suit to protect her from the enviroment suit. She tries to be very socialable but her ideas were not very welcomed. She didn't like the fact the Taiidans didn't allow them to marry outside of the Taiidans. She would later find out that since the Sorghelli War Taiidan female birth rates were far too low to allow any compatible species to marry outside. 


Born on a UGI colony world she was unassuming nothing of note nor anything that made her different she always thought she wouldn't be anyone of value. She was part of her fathers craft and was able to scavenge and build tech.

She met Michael Trillion and refused at first to even be in a relationship with him. To the point Trillion brought it up in a council meeting.

"Council if you please. I would like to direct a question to Captain Erex Malren. Its about Tel'tadians. What gives the Taiidans the right to make the rules on who they can marry? What gave you the idea that they may only marry their own and Taiidans? They should have freewill I know Taiidans dont know democracy like some species do but still."
―Michael Trillion to Erex Malren
"Well Representive Trillion, not many people know this and we need to keep it that way. But since the Sorghelli war female births declined. Now the last three generations that was born have bore no female Taiidan. We locked down on the three species not because we see ourselves better. But because the Taiidans cannot sustain a population anymore. There are only three species in this universe that can handle Taiidan child birth mating rituals and the blood transfusion for marriage. The others die. At this rate our children without them in 1300 years we will be excinct. We cannot afford to go out this way."
―Erex to a shocked council.

After that a entire council chamber was dead silent. Some said artificial insemination or even try bioengineering. But the Earth delegate only insulted the Taiidans further to bio engineer themselves to produce only a singular trait: gender.

After that the Taiidan Emperor granted it but told Michael your putting my people at risk. Don't treat it like your something special. Taiidans and Tel'tadians are closest species out there.

Give me three years, your honor, an i will not only fix Golina's immune disorder but i will also rebuild you population like never before.

Following the marriage Golina did experience some Immnue deficecy problems, however thanks to his accomplishment in Temploral Engineering roughly 2 years later, he was able to alter Golina's gentic code keeping her compatiable with Taiidans but also granting her an advanced immune system that was powerful enough by simply touching another being with disease or virius they would be instantly healed. He then brought his wife back to New Taiidan free of her body suit and presented her the Taiidans. He said it remained up to them if they wanted to use the splice he created to heal and advance her people. 

Personal Life at HomeEdit

Golina at first always thought of Micheal Trillion as a good friend. She had often worked beside him in his work as well as other lab work. She liked the fact that before thinking of himself he would think of others and how hard he worked trying to get accepted by the UGI even if he couldn't be apart of their military to gain full citzenship. 

When he first proposed to her she wanted it to be so but refused because of her loyality and following of the law to the Taiidans regarding to marriage only to Taiidans and those of her own kind. When Micheal took it up with the council and then with the Taiidan emperor she was impressed by his willingness to to fight for the marriage rights. When they were granted marriage it was by the Taiidan Emperor himself. 

Upon the conclusion of the marriage, Micheal bought a home on one of the moons of New Taiidan. The world is very jungle like but lacked any form of insect life, or animal life. It is here that Micheal built a traditional earth contemporary mansion. Golina and Micheal live happy lives together but as they figured out though they were not gentically compatiable, but despite this he stayed with her, and perhaps in some way it proved that Micheal was indeed in love with her for her. The childbirth problem was solved with the adoption of a two taiidan children and one child of the Reapers. 

Golina's own comments where nearly 3 years later. 

I didn't deserve him. He is the best anyone could want in a husband, he puts us before his work and makes one of the best fathers to the children i have ever seen, my own father wasn't nearly as good as he is. He loved despite we couldn't have children, he dedicated his time to cure me and offer the cure to my entire species. He saved the Taiidans from extinction and rebuilt their population, how could anyone say that he is not whole hardheartedly someone you can't help but admire. ~Golina

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