Gladiator-class Cruiser
Cruiser 3
Product information

Carpathian Shipyards



Technical information

730 meters


1.8 Million Tons

Stellar speed

1800 mph

Engine Unit(s)
  • 8 Stellar Drives
Warp Drive
  • 1 mk VI Warp Drive
Warp speed


Shield Generator
  • Harridan MKXX Shielding
Sensor Range

800,000 miles3

Targeting systems

29.89 miles(within 8 micrometers)







  • (1) Heavy Plasma Cannon
  • (32) Medium Plasma Cannons
  • (70) Plasma Point Defense Cannons
  • (4) Missile Silos
  • (80) Hydra Missiles
  • 4 Fighter squadrons
Crew requirements


Skeleton Crew


Cargo capacity

8,000 m3


1.2 years

First usage

2404(UGI Time)

  • Escort
  • Attack Vessel
  • Military Strike Vessel

The Gladiator-class Cruiser is a dangerous vessel used longer than the Heavy Cruiser but it is considered on many occasions more devastating than the Heavy Cruiser.

Design and CharacteristicsEdit

Designed to be a workhorse and a vessel of power and domination this ship has been equipped with the most powerful shielding generators that can even fit in the ship. This ship has more shielding proportionally than a Harridan-class Heavy Cruiser. These vessels are also the design inspiration for the Heavy Cruiser as it just looks like a smaller heavy cruiser. With its small hangar onboard this vessel can only carry 4 squadrons of fighters but in a pinch it can transport up to 12 squadrons.


Designed to be the workhorse of the UGI Navy before the Heavy Cruiser was even a thought. This vessel became feared when it went through testing it took the testing center 48 hours to take its shields offline using specifications of known enemies of the UGI. Making this vessel nearly "Invincible" at the time of creation. They decided to put an even bigger shield generator onboard with its own powerplant so that if the weapons powerplant goes offline the shields wouldn't. It was designed by a child genius code named Aetax. This child when he designed the Gladiator-class he had a even higher intelligence than the Letric Tech. Sadly the designer was killed in an labatory accident. His conscious mind was put to work in the BALTECH Software. This software however is just a highly advanced artificial intelligence built off of the childs mind. When the child designed the Gladiator the first Cruiser built was the USS Aetax in memory of the child who designed it and the BALTECH Software was uploaded into the ship's mainframe. The USS Aetax was destroyed in combat 64 years later. 

IFP EraEdit

When the UGI converged into the IFP galaxy the UGI built nearly 15,000 Gladiator-class Cruisers in a matter of weeks due to Carpathian Shipyards replicating process with its 12 shipyards in orbit of the planet Carpathia. There has only been one Gladiator that went down in the IFP reality and it was a freak accident when its powerplant overloaded and crashed into the Taiidan Homeworld, 45,000 people died in the accident as it crashed into city Harita. SECFORCE investigated the readings and proved no foul play that an new ensign accidentally overloaded it by using the wrong sequence. However it was later discovered this was the work of AUREC.

Known Gladiator-class CruisersEdit

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