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The man that is General Aric Solra, one of the few men in the UGI that is not only human, but is entirely fearless. In his 60's he survived the last years of the Novan War. He was infamous in combat, for a man in his 60's he was also the only UGI Army General to serve on the frontlines with him in combat. He looked at the Imperium Elites before they were friendly with the UGI, and looked down at them, but learned to respect them but not trust them.
"And what must you be hmm? Another Imperium Dog, when I was your age I had to build my strength not be born with it. I had to do push ups I had to survive a war that even the Imperium couldn't survive, and you know why the UGI survived? Because we didn't spend our time building up these massive structures instead we created monsters. You are not a monster. When you go to sleep you remember who is the terror in the night because I maybe old in age, but I will glady look at death straight in the eye and take a bullet spit it out and ask for another."
―Aric Solra upon seeing the Imperiums


He is an old fashioned type soldier, pure grit and can make even the strongest willed soldier tremble with walking. But he is one of the UGI's best tactician. With his military prowess he managed to hold an entire city with only a single platoon during the Novan Wars. He looks down at those who he doesn't trust, but when it comes to his men he will never stay at the back of the lines instead he prefers combat even in his old age.

That being said he is impossible to be intimidated and won't even blink if even if he was about to die, he is the reason that the UGI's soldiers are trained to the extent they are. 

"That old man is of the old guard. During the Novan Wars, he could take a single platoon and use them in a way to kill entire battalions. Never f*** with someone who wants to die in combat."
―Erex Malren to Micheal Trillion

UGI-Sorghelli WarEdit

He feels responsible for his actions during the Sorghelli War, he told men in the UGI to fight to the last man in every combat situation, and to never retreat. He feels like he is responsible for the death of millions of UGI soldiers when he knew that them dying they saved hundreds of millions more lives than they lost. Even in the defense of the other governments he was staunched. 

Galactic CouncilEdit

He was made the UGI Delegate for the Galactic Council and is the most voiced and forceful of all the members of the Council. He refused the Enki's armor as because of his guilt that he wasn't going to put his men in a unarmed army and is why the UGI hasn't joined the Galactic Councils military. 

The UGI won't put any of its men in this military of the Council for many reasons. One we are the UGI, two, we are the UGI, and three and most important; UGI soldiers are loyal to no one but the UGI putting a new emblem on them not gonna happen. That falcon and that star was paid for in millions of UGI soldiers deaths. And for that I cannot wait to meet them in Vahalla.

I agree with General Aric and if Enki were here he would also agree that Galactic council would be foolish to remove all weapons save the armour. For example, sometimes soldiers need to attack first rather than wait to be shot to attack. In reference to old earth history The United Nations very similar to this Galactic Council had volunteer forces that were told they could not attack unless attacked first, and because of that rule over a million people died over the course of a hundred years. General Solra, I agree with you, Enki will make whatever technology you wish but, he will not accept negligance and stupidity when it comes to both civilian and soldiers lives. Granted though those who are Enki and are energy based have difficulty remembering what death is because it has been virtually eliminated from our world but, General In conclusion to your words I would like to buy you a drink sometime when you have the time. (smiling with sincerity) ~Micheal Trillion Delegate of Enki.

Upon hearing this Solra looked at Micheal Trillion and respectfully decclined

"I'll take that drink but technology is an thing that the UGI as a whole must accept. I admit your AI is advanced but even the Taiidans with there advance technology dwarfing the UGIs that they dumb down their technology to ensure the UGI couldnt use it incorrectly. This being said I will present this but the UGI likes it style in armor. And we are not dependant on anyone. And negligence on soldiers lives.... you show some respect. If it hadn't been for those soldiers deaths this council wouldnt exist. Even with our best they dwarfed us. And how dare you.... I have to live with that order to hold those cities and fight to the last man."
―General Solra with tears in his eyes(Extremely rare)

Following the meeting Micheal Trillion respectivily asked for a moment with General Aric Solra.

Sir, i am Sorry. Your right, I have forgotten much about death. It would seem i still have much to learn about the UGI. I understand the UGI doesn't want to be dependent on anyone. I can understand that. If you would help me understand more about your culture some time i would appreciate the help.

Secondly, Sir, General Yinsang sends his regards, and wanted to ask you t come see him sometime.

"General Yinsang? Where has that SOB been? He retired at the worst time in my opinion during reconstruction. But he has his reasons probaby."
―Aric Solra

Even after Micheal Trillion left the Galactic Council General Aric Solra used every opportunity to belittle him and insult him, often saying the UGI didn't want him doing something even when they were really passive about it. In 3489 General Solra at a local Bar on Trillis killed Micheal Trillion's wife with a side arm just because she was there and he was in drunken rage. He then dumped the body disrespectivly in front of Micheal Trillion before continueing on his way. Micheal Trillion did not press charges nor did he even alert the Taiidan police, he simply used his Temporal Ressurection technology to bring her back to life and then honorably buried his wife's copy. However afterward he remained respectful to all members of the UGI and especially to Erex Malren but never once afterward took General Aric Solra's at his word for anything, and refused to listen to him if he was told to tell him something. From then on Michael Trillion recieved all yes and no goes, from Erex Malren his friend. Even to this day both General Aric Solra and Micheal Trillion have a great dislike for each other. Erex Malren is the only one who knows that Aric Solra killed Micheal Trillion's wife and about her ressurection. 

Erex Malren from that day kept surveilance over Aric Solra because he wanted to make sure he wanted to make sure next time he would capture Solra in the act of harming Micheal Trillion and his family. 

Alec Solra would often say privately he wished that Micheal trilion or somone would put a bullet in Micheal Trillion's head so that he wouldn't have to see him any longer.


He was born on Carpathia to a military family that served in the UGI for generations, famed and feared, he was abused by his father not like in the normal sense. Ever since he could run at age 5 his father started to make him do pushups until he couldn't no more. When he was 10 years old he was benching 120 pounds. When he was 16 years old he was a monster in Basic training, he was hated because he was conditioned since 5.

During the Battle of Volrik he had only a single platoon and they had to hold a city against a Golan Commonwealth Battalion. They were successful and he was promoted to Major. He became the UGI's foremost tactician.

One day during the Galactic Council meetings a Codex II soldier wasn't responding to General when the General in his old age began to yell at the soldier when a more softer member from earth was shocked to see how he was treating the 15 yeaar old super soldier. When she tried to pass laws that they couldnt use children as templates for soldiers the General went off on her bring her to tears. When she yelled he is only a child.

"Never tell me what I cannot do. He doesn't respond I get on to him. He doesnt listen I yell. And if he disobeys I put him in soo much pain that his generations will feel my wrath. He is the soldier we needed to be. Now sssoldier why on earth did you not answer me?"
―General Solra to Earth delegate

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