Garik Volidra
The Reaper
Biographical information








Cybernetic Implant(s)
  • Taiidan Nanites
  • Battle and Combat Adrenal/Stim injectors
  • Assorted
Armor set


Notable Facts
  • Former Cipher Agent
  • Has the most confirmed Kills in the Cipher Division post Sorghelli War.
  • Has done over 75 Operations and all resulted in success.
  • Cipher 2 trained him and claimed he is the superior.
  • Extremely Agile for his Taiidan body.
Military Information


Garik "Reaper" Volidra is considered the most lethal Cipher Agent to be trained after the Sorghelli War. With 75 missions and 75 successes he has a perfect record. But he left Cipher Division when there was an issue with an Imperium doctor who was given clearance said he was unstable. 


Always to the point and always on task he was epitomy of how a Cipher Agent should react. He was trained by his mentor Cipher 2 to become the most lethal new generation of Ciphers to exist. He was known to not cover his face as he wanted people to know what he looked like so when they died they saw a face but it was stone cold and emotionless when he murdered people. His favorite weapon was a modified SOLARIS Plasma Rifle and is seen with one usually.


Much of his history is redacted but what is known is that he recieved the nickname and callsign of "The Reaper" because of his successes he would kill an person before they realized he was in the room.


Being the Reaper made him feared by UGI citizens and few members of the former Imperium Elite. 


He returned to the UGI when an Imperium Elite reached out to him to him after being told what he has done he was shocked at the idea of a single person doing what he has done without the "backing" as he was later found out that he couldn't supress his memories as a defect in his cybernetics installation by the UGI. He was later lobotomized and became an emotionless killer for the UGI one who even Cipher 2 feared. He felt nothing for the UGI (Including the UGI-Imperiums).

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