This Directive was created after the UGI arrived in a different reality, this Directive gives the UGI the sole right to declare martial law around the galaxy and enforce it.


In the event that the Alpha Quadrant is consumed in a war between more than two major powers the UGI will use its vessels and declare martial law. In efforts to stop a possible galactic law the UGI will use any means nessecary to prevent the Alpha,Delta, Beta and the Gamma Quadrant from being consumed.

The UGI will be ordered to take control over each major Capital world and besiege it, in efforts to draw as much of the enemy vessels away from the battlefield. No one is to enter the system without being boarded. The UGI will forcibly assimiliate each major power into the UGI to prevent war. 

Under the Gamma Directive no major power may leave the UGI and those who rebel will be eliminated. As what we have learned from the Novan War, we will be tasked with finding a peaceful route to the galaxy, however we will use force where needed.

Plan of ActionEdit

In the event of the Gamma Directive is executed the UGI will besiege every single major capital involved in the war by sending task forces of Heavy Cruisers as well as battleships to ensure that the enemy is drawn from the battlefields and are redirected to thier capital world in defense. However the UGI isn't allowed to break the occupation any vessel that opens fire on a UGI vessel is to be exterminated and UGI ground troops will be deployed to occupy the planet permanently.

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