The Gamma is a plasmoid and represents all forms of energy in the Omniverse. In a Punful way she is the most powerful Plasmoid. 

The Gamma, greatly disagreed with the Progeniators leaving the coragduns and has continued many times to cause harm or annoyance to Them in  the past and in the future with their creations. 

The gamma is extremely powerful and promise the coragadun's that they would always be superior in technology and socitey than any other civilization in the Omniverse. 

She goes out of her way to shower blessing upon them. She is often refered to by many as the Mother goddess in many cultures across the Omniverse. However civilizations that follow her often come to odds with other civilizations in the Omniverse who worship the Beta. 

It is said that she knows the secrets to the Trans Magna Pulse. 

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