Galactic Defensive Intiative
Agency information
Agency type

Interstellar Empire Government

Date of formation







800 million +


2.3 Octillion Credits

"After a thorough observation of the GDI the UGi Experts have Declared The GDI as a Tier Alpha-Omega society, able to rival if not beat all UGI and Taiidan Forces by Air, Sea, Orbit and Ground, as well as infiltration, however thankfully their space travel is far less advanced and gives us the ability to see them as our allies, as they will require us to provide them with a space fleets while they can provide us with superior ground and air assaults". Taiidan/UGI official.

The Galactic Defensive Initiative is the governing body in charge of the GDI. Having been in charge of the GDI for only 600 years the governing force has time and time again been uplifted by alien artifacts they have been exposed to, namely a particular artifact that only the GDI can decipher. That particular article of course has never been found by Taiidan nor UGi Intelligence, and even if they did they could not possibly begin to decipher it.

Known for supporting the so called Unstoppable army, GDI Relies on its allies the UGI for space fleet protection, despite the fact their "Ion" Cannons have been known in later times of defending worlds from the Sorgheli with almost a shameful ease.

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