Galactic Council High Council

The Galactic Council Discussing the Temploral State Device.

Galactic Council Session 216 was perhaps the single most important meeting in its history. The outcome of the meeting would determine the fate of the Omniverse. It was requested as a full council hearing, All minor civilizations members all major civilizations members, all, foriegn alien,powers, even Scythururk attended the meeting from high in the rafters. The reapers even sent a their ambassador, and high officials to the meeting, Both nigrash and Rathal attended as well, this meeting was going to decide the fate of the Omniverse, concerning now the only Ancient Acsencdcy Technology in existence. A technology that was so far beyond even the progenitors, the plasmoid, and the Kal'Krika that if it was given to any one power it would make the civilization unstoppable. 

(Warning this page is going to be exceedingly long and debateable, so do not sum anything up in short, make it descriptive and long debate, pull races of all sorts in your past to come forward with their say on the this technology, decided which way they are going to vote and make it epic.) 


Micheal Trillion began by entering through the public entrance as he was no longer a Galactic council member. Since no one on the major council he had strong ties with he proceeded to check in and see if Erex Malren was in. Finding him in Alex Solra's office was not surprising just understandable. Reporting to the Alec Solra's Seceratery wanting to ask if when Erex Malren was done with General Solra, he would be avalible for to talk about some very important affairs. When Erex Malren was done he was soon able to talk to him concerning the device after they had entered a secured room. When asked about the location of device Micheal Trillion said that when everyone was together he would make the object appear. Meanwhile, he did mention Rathal has it for safe keeping and is compeletely behind me on this. 

Taiidan Empire's opening Edit

Sounding from the Taiidan mask (Soundes like Ra in Stargate) a man in traditional Taiidan Empire robes stood up and began to talk.

You call on the Taiidan Empire at a time that is inconvienant. We demand to know what is important enough that can determine the so called Omniverse.

 When the Taiidan Emperor walked in every Taiidan in the room included Erex Malren even though he was a former. The Emperor walked to the front of the chamber and spoke.

Here me, I speak in terms of the Kal'ijuuk no'rika the Taiidans have averted a crisis but now we are called upon. I am saddened that the delegates are angered(His voice morphs) none of you have a reason to be angered that we are called on. Let him speak. Hail'iukiajuka Mal'tidurk'hurimak lourik'an (The god king demand silence and remain)

A delegate who wasn't from the normal council stood up began to yell and when the Emperor heard the voice of the speaker he recognized them to be Tey'talian. The Tey'talian delegate yelling at the Taiidans.

Don't come in here and speak in that filth you called language, your kind deserves death for what they've done. Who allowed them in this Council? You know what their god king as they call him did? He destroyed the Tey'talian homeworld for one protest, for one person speaking their mind and he razed our homeworld. It is still uninhabitable, and now you let this filth speak?

 The Taiidan Emperor infuriated began to yell at the Tey'talians when a UGI human soldier ran to the Emperor and took a bullet from the Tey'talian. It was later found out they were not invited.

Uranian's OpeningEdit

Odo arose from his chair.

"Since the merging between the Dominion and the Uranians I have been chosen to represent the Uranians in this Council." The Uranians which to inquire as to why exactly this meeting was called, and why of all things to be called in this Mega Gathering with all the major and minor powers in the universe including some from beyond. The Uranians are fully aware of the of the existence of other universe, but for the majority of the council I think it would be wise to present some of those who are known to be from beyond our universe. The Taiidans were as some of our scientist believe orginating from another universe, but where brought here by unknown means, now correct me if i am wrong but, so far as our scientists can guess the much of the Council i blieve finds it difficult to trust beings from another universe because, how could we have known before hand your social, and traditonal systems." ~Odo.

The Emperor looked at Odo and removed his helmet. He showed his Extrosis that wasn't treated.

Do not mistake our culture behore hand is quite well known. As for coming here wasn't by choice. Our unvierses collided through a black hole . You don't have to trust us if you don't want to but I'd be very careful how you address the Jtuim'rok or Emperor. We don't care if you don't trust us why? We are Taiidan. We conquered our galaxy we destroyed our enemies and we fell. Odo since being promoted from DS9 have you ever learned about our culture. If I must the Taiidans will leave but be warned when I leave if this galaxy goes through turmoil Taiidans will not aid you. Kurika'dualuak'boriji My hands are tied.

Immortuti Imperium OpeningEdit

Before the Imperium spokesman was able to get up from his chair to speak he saw out of the corner of his eye Tey'talians at the Taiidan Emperor. Just as the Tey'talian was about to fire a Shintak (a blade used by the Scythururk) cleaved the attempted assassian in half. The auditorium is hushed as the imperium delegate begins to speak. 

"Surprised, Gentlemen, ladies, honored one, The Imperium recently made peace with the Scythuruk who have been plaguing the galaxy, since the Corporate War. Till recently, we though we could never trust the Taiidans, but since we have earned the trust of the Scythuruk who trust know one, we have learned to trust the UGI and esppecially the Taiidans despite cultural differences and past history. Anyone who atempts to dishonor this meeting further, save of course for the Taiidans here, will feel the wrath of the Imperium bearing down on them, are we clear. Imperium Delegate.

 Micheal Trillion walks into the chamber through the east hallway. The Imperium Delagate continues. 

"If the Taiidans choose to leave this universe, be aware because the Imperium will leave as well. We haven't worked together for 300 years to bring our races together just to have the galaxy prime tell us that they are no longer welcome. We will leave to and any investments in our civilization will be embargoed, are we clear?" Imperium Delagate.

Micheal Trillion OpeningEdit

Micheal Trillion enters near the podium unseen by everyone except to Erex Malren who points him out to the Taiidan Emperor. As he moves toward the podium a small disortion forms near the central projector. Stepping up to the podium he taps his microphone. No sound no feedback. Slightly rolling his eyes he bends down to open the dashboard and begin rewiring the microphone. 

Meanwhile the distortion grows stronger. And the audiotorium continuies to bicker. he get the wires fixed so he can speak. he tapps the microphone but he couldn't even hear himself over the din of of everyone arguing.

Finally Micheal can't stand the loud noise any longer because he can't get anyones attention.

Micheal hand signals Erex to slienece the crowd somehow, or to pass him a short range shotgun that make a lot of noise. 

Suddenly the distortion opens wide releasing a flash of white blue light, after the light fades from everyones eyes Rathal appears presenting himself to everyone causing a great deal of shock and awe among all those present. That is until the taiidan Emperor get his voice back. 

Taiidan Emperor Questions RathalEdit

The Taiidan Emperor rises from his seat and walks up to Rathal unafraid while others were in fear. 

You were a friend to the UGI, and the Taiidans. You think your supreme, yet I think your irrational, and don't deserve your power because you don't come to the aid of your friends when we needed you most. We lost everything while you decided to play god somewhere else you welp. I had to watch my people die and you did nothing, what about your promise to us? You'd always be there for your friends? You lied!

Look at me, do you think i ever wanted this power, i was ashemed that i had to leave but it only seemed logical. If i left i would not be tempted to abuse my power in this universe. For your information i have been fixing the omniverse to prevent this universe from getting destroyed. Had i not left their would be no your universe and if i hadn't stopped your Manti friends from building that Temploral Device and going back in time and elminating you before you were even created you wouldn't even be here, ask Nigrash by now he should remember that I prevented that incident while he was still creating you. You have no idea how hard it is to manage the timeline not just for you but over 7.3 zillion zillion zillion species at the same time. The Damage that has been wrought in this Omniverse is mind blowing even for me so how the hell can you even stand here and tell me that you have seen trillions die in these past wars, I have seen so many die i cannot even fathom the numbers try watching millions of universe die with hundred of zillions people dying knowing that if you save them you will create unfathomable damage to all the time lines in the Omniverse. Even now i should be handleing a couple of villians who are taking a trillithium explosive to your old taiidan star nearly 30,000 years ago previous to this date, before you were even capable of detecting them. If you had any bloody idea how much i have done ou favor in the past billion years you would realize just how much this universe needed me to gain these powers! ~Rathal

I don't care for zillions of species, I care for my people only. If you were soo powerful and managing a timeline is hard for you then sit down, we are warriors and yet you think powers is soo great, we helped you but you didn't help us. We watched out children burn in fire. And yet you think you can't handle a little help.

 Seething with barely contained rage Rathal put empahsis on every single word. 

"do you honestly think i am that heartless to your kind. What if i told you that every child every child you have seen die every stillborn Taiidan wasn't being raised in some other part of the Omniverse, because if i let them live here i would have messed up your timeline so bad that their wouldn't be a single Taiidan left in the universe. Who do you think has to be the mother and father to those Taiidans, I! Am!their Parent, in another part of The Omniverse you couldn' even Begin to understand!!!!!!~Rathal

The Taiidan Emperor enraged at the though someone else was a parent to Taiidans.

You dare insult the Taiidan name with your wretched lies? You dare spew such blasphemy from your mouth. You couldn't handle rasising a Taiidan. I'm done with this pathetic excuse you have for meeting. Apparently this important enough for you to show up but as our children burned it wasn't important enough.

Rathal you couldn't understand the pain and torment we felt as our mothers gripped our children, the suffering they felt, the fathers weeped and mothers on the verge of death. Our sorrow was greater than you could ever feel you heartless, Ha'ijiik(Coward)

The Emperor was about to leave when Erex stops him "let me talk to him." Erex walks up to the podium.

Rathal old friend, forgive the emperor but he did speak many truths my friend. Our weeped, yet we have no tear ducts we cried our own blood. We suffered mass suicides from our women after our children were burned during the Sorghelli War, we lost the ability to bear women, and I had to do the unthinkable to bring us back the ability to do so. But my Emperor do not leave not yet.

Micheal TrillionEdit

Tapping the microphone as if to end the conversation between the emperor and Rathal, he asked everyone if would put their personal differences aside for just a moment. 

"A few weeks ago I was given a demonstration regarding a new Taiidan weapon, by some associates from Cerberus Armories. They told me that although my weapons were powerful they could never be the most powerful because i lacked the guts to be able to kill. They were right about one thing, i do not have the guts to kill, but that of course did not means that my weapons could not be designed for killing. No, i will admit i was mad, and scared, because my family had been threatened, but in my own anger and resentment I stopped creating simplistic weapons that would kill, i created a weapon so powerful that I could send an entire civilization in the past to get a head start in this universe, or be able to send them into the heart of the death of the Omniverse and insure Complete and Total Annihilation. The way this Weapon works (a hologram shines upward creating a visual image of the device so everyone can see. The device uses the Zero point energy which is found in the vacuum of space in everything in the omniverse, by drawing on this power its is able to transport all species on a ZPE wavelength to desired location in time and space. It pains me now that i have create a weapon which i do mean quite literally could make any power invincible.

The UGI Delegate stood up. Infuriated when Trillion looked at him and noticed it wasn't Solra.

And you created a technology that was so power that would make you the leader of the Omniverse? Is that what your saying? Let me make something clear Trillion the UGI has been impressed that you have built items of advanced technology, but when you started build an army I have had enough of this. Let me guess your not gonna let anyone use this technology, so you called us to make you the ultimate power? The UGI will not bow to a single man just cause he has the power.

 Michael Trillion looked at the UGI Delegate he noticed something about him him when he looked he asked about Solra, who died of natural causes the night before the calling. 

Actually, no that is not the reason why I had you come here. You see i plan to destroy this technology, as any power with it would become invincible, i have no interest in ruling the universe, and of all civilizations, the UGI should be the most aware that I came to them to avoid becoming the ruler of the Planet now known as Trillis. The UGI will never bow to one man and neither should any one else, the reason why you are here is to persuade me not to destroy this technology and find a use or process for its use, other wise I will terminate the device. ~Micheal Trillion

Erex Malren's departureEdit

During the talking amongst the people Erex Malren was given a datapad with orders and he went up to the floor.

Excuse me but I am being deployed immediately. I will be gone for awhile and probably will not be coming back here for a long time as I am being sent to the Pegasus colonies.

The earth delegate stood up.

What is the Pegasus colony if I may ask.

Erex Malren pressed a button and the walls opened up into windows and Task Force Gamma decloaked.

The pegasus colony is the UGI's colony worlds in the Pegasus galaxy that we laid claim to. None butbUGI may colonize it as we have discovered it to be a hazard zone. And is too dangerous for any but UGI to colonize there.

The earth delegate puzzled and angry.

Um... Who decided that the Federation couldn't colonize and another. As part of the Council Order 458 clearly states that members may not build large task forces or fleets without the councils approval. That is a violation as well as it is too close to our station. Plus where did the UGI get the resources to build that fleet and this quickly?

Erex as he was walking out stopped and turned around clearly angry.

Your logic is invalid why because you stress all these General Orders yet your fleet is in ruins and to make it worse you stress that we can't build. The UGI builds when it wants to and no one can tell them what to do. Second of all this is a UGI station on loan to the Council. And third of all have you forgotten who we are? We can amass armies and fleets faster than any of you because we have the technology and the will to do so.

Micheal Trillion called for a brief intersession to let some of the delgates ponder their questions and debate opinions concerning his reasoning for the device's future.  Micheal Trillion catching Erex before he left to the gangplank, said to him a few words. 

"It was a pleasure knowing you sir, when you get back and if i am not here, would you have someone look after my wife and kids. ~Micheal Trillion


IF I come back and your not here I'll watch over your wife and children.(With sadness in his eyes) I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better and we have been on the sidelines for most of the time. But what makes you think you won't be here I mean you created ENKI. If I could I would stay. On another note what you think of the fleet?

"The Fleet is like a lioness, majestic and dangerous ready to show its teeth to the enemy. There may be Enki but this, this is my real body Erex not a clone, and its beginning to age rapidly, if it’s not this Galactic Council that does me in it will be Age. My time will be over soon, if and when you get back and i am dead destroy database C on the planet Varxuis, the other information can be used for the betterment of the UGI and the Universe, If I can't tell the commander in there will you take him to my personal Resurrection device at my homestead lab, plug him in, so he to can have his wife, I would like to know that I was able to repair the damage of one more soul. And Erex, Give Alec Solra a second chance, save him from his stroke and tell him, everyone deserves a second chance."~ Michael Trillion


I thought you hated Solra. But Ill bring him back. He had the best of intentions for the UGI. He may have been harsh about this but he went through hell in the Novan war. He was a good man and with his death he died with honor and dignity. It wouldn't be right to strip him of that trust me he will give me hell about it. But yes I will ressurect him and fenrirs wife. He was my best friend Ibwouldn't be here if it weren't for him. He you can trust believe me.

One last thing, your the only i trust with this. (Tapping the lower half of his collar of his suit, Micheal Trillions form shrank, his suits began to swim on him, His black turning pale white and his skin clinging close around his face forming several wrinkles around his mouth, his height shrank until he was almost four inches shorter, His voice was even rapsy when he spoke). "it accelerate ageing unlike you taiidans, my body was put into the Stasis but it soon following my request for my original body to be used due to the inabilty to create clones from it anymore. My DNA is no longer visible, i am not sure whats happening, but i know i can trust you with my last and greatest secret, that you got to look upon the real me, without the illusion. (He smiled softly). ~Micheal Trillion

"Erex, may the solar wind be forever at your back and may journey be prosperous and Successful." ~Micheal Trillion

After his bit Erex left for the Pegasus Galaxy.

Back in SessionEdit

Micheal Trillion reactivating his camo form, as the Ship begin to rise off the platform. Reentering the council chamber he watched as several more members reassembled.

The UGI Delegate stands up Fenrir looks around to the entire Council and begins talking.

The UGI after hearing what was its capabilities says this technology shouldn't exist. No one person should be allowed to control such technology, nor should it be stored. Technology like this shouldn't exist because becoming immortal should exist. It is wrong, however the UGI should be the destroyer of the technology to ensure it will never be used. Everyone maybe present to ensure it is destroyed. But we will not allow it to survive. And anyone who supports them keeping technology like this are fools and creating this technology was foolish.

The Uranians stand up. 

"Unless the technology is destroyed here and now, we cannot allow another civilization to take hold of it to destroy it, doing so puts us at risk that the technology would confiscated and a decoy would be destroyed. The Temptation is too strong for any race.

The Imperium stood up. 

"as you know ladies and gentlemen within a years tiem the Imperium is going to be transformed into a part of the UGI, we cannot speak for ourselves anymore as we once had, but if we were able to our voice would be this considering this technology, there will be a time when the enemy is to powerful to stop on our own, and there maybe a time in the future that its usage could save trillions of lives."

The UGI Delegate stood up and looked at the device on the table and drew his weapon and shot at it.

Trillions of lives maybe saved but at what cost? Who wants to be immortal and have to remember the sins they commited in the name of their flag? Some of those sins are too great to bear. Immortality isn't something people cannot be allowed. The Uranians are right but the UGI wouldn't ever take this technology and recreate it, theres no benefit to us.

The Technology flickered, making everyone realize it was a hologram. 

"Sorry about that, but there is a way to ensure complete and total destruction of it. (beams the technology into the room) Micheal, if you would do the honors."~ Rathal.

Micheal approached the machine, first screening his thumb print then typing in a 84 digit code, (the room hears a tapping sound emnating from the device) as he prepares to press the button to send it to the heart of the Omniverse's death, one of the delagates a klingon, throws a small knife at Micheal which hits him in the collar drawing blood and knocking him to the floor. In the same instant, two razureth (not from the delegates) leap down from the ceiling, and grab the device, the klingon shouts as he is shot by Taiidan guard, "for the Talon!" But before the two razureth can reach the ceiling with the device, for a loud click is heard and where the two Razureth and the device were is now a cloud of energy which slowly falls back to the floor disspating as it goes down. 

One of the Taiidan troops got to Micheal Trillion first, "My lord, look at him." With the knife peircing the circutry and cutting a vein to the neck the holographic enhancer destroyed anyone who got a lookj at Micheal Trillion now saw him for his true age, Micheal Trillion was a 121 years old and age had caught up with him."


Later in the medical facility on board the station. 

"Ya mind explaining this Micheal, or should I call you gramps, because no one has ever been bale to hide appearances for so long even from UGI intelligence. ~taiidan assistant Delegate.

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