The UGI has tried to stay out of the GC Military forces as much as possible as they do not want to be giving away technology that could quite possibly turned against them their Delegate has explained it quite well.

Let me give you a brief history of the UGI, we were created in our galaxy the Novan out of nessecity, you see, when I say nessecity the galaxy was at war, we built military monstrosities to survive, we have done the unthinkable to ensure our peoples safety. And when I say no to giving our technology, it is final. We gave our technology freely once, and it only turned to sorrow for us, because we so readily tried to help a civilization rebuild they took our technology and attacked a colony world. And so when I say the UGI learns from its mistakes Delegates, if the UGI refuses to give you a piece of technology I will not repeat it again.

GC SentinelsEdit

After finding out a GC Sentinel was on a UGI world without authorization an enraged Delegate who was red at the face yelled at the Galactic Council.

What part of no Sentinels on UGI worlds did you not understand? I don't think you people get it, we are the UGI, we decide our peoples fate not some volunteer thats not UGI. What your people do on worlds not UGI is fine, but you so much as try anything like this again I assure you the UGI will not be as forgiving as it has once been.

Section 3.1 of the UGI Law Code states: The people of the UGI are guarranteed that only UGI personnel may dispense any kind of law enforcement or justice. As well as anyone harmed by an unknown entity from another government is due protection. And will be protected at any means nessecary. If a UGI citizen feels they are in danger on an allied world the UGI will extract the civilian with all due force. During extractions of UGI citizens the UGI does not recognize its allies.

You see that means the UGI are the only ones allowed to deal justice, and if a UGI citizen is on one of your worlds and is harmed by these Sentinels, oh you will not like it because what we did to Octanus 13 in the Novan Galaxy you should see what the UGI did to that world, we burned it to the ground, we were at war, but that was a "neutral" world and we destroyed it all.

Shortly following this the GCS were scrapped in favor the Imperium Supreme Eite which they knew got along with the Taiidan very well because they were gentically bred to take orders and would not act on their own orders. 

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