Galactic Council
Galactic Council
Political information
Type of Government
  • Galactic Security Council


Head of State
  • Officials from each Pact Member
  • Each Pact member controlled their own military forces.
Societal information
Capital world
Official Language(s)
  • Languages of each Pact member
Official Pacts
  • UGI
  • New Taiidan Empire
  • Starfleet(Sam)
  • Imperium
  • Avanii(Provisional due to no real capital)
Historical Information
Formed from

August 29th, 2601

The Galactic Council is the creation of each member of the Galactic powers after the Sorghelli War to ensure they can pool resources together. Though this creation was founded on good intentions to ensure their technology from each government couldn't be used against each other they had to sign an indefinite peace treaty.

Terms of PactEdit

  • No Government was forced to share technology if they do not wish to. 
  • No Government is obligated to go to war without due notification. If a 72 hour prior notice wasn't given the governments were not forced to go into war.
  • No Government although at peace was technically allowed on individual planets.
  • No Government may send Intelligence operatives without due cause.
  • Extradition was required.
  • Usage of AD Weapon systems must have the unanimous consent of the Galactic Council otherwise any power or indiviual will be forcibly punished by the Galactic Council and its delegates. 


The Government was designed in such a way that all member governments had representives called GC Delegates. They represented their government and their leaders in the council chambers had a holo display of their governments leader if they were available. They would take turns to talk enssuring each government was represented.


Of all the delegates the UGI's was the most forceful. Especially when it came in conflict with UGI laws to the point that when the GC Sentinels were introduced he threatened the council.

"The UGI dedicates themselves to their citizens safety. And the idea that your new toy soldiers beating someone for bumping into them? Let me make something clear to you. If a UGI citizen bumps into one of these he should accept it because if a UGI citizen is harmed I guarrantee you this ladies..... the UGI will declare war. Our people know that the UGI will come to their aid and will wipe out anything to protect them. So I'm going to sit down and let you decide. Our citizens are easily recognizable by their outfits."
―UGI Delegate

After the Delegate sat down a squad of Black Codex II soldiers walked in and this was the first sighting of them at all. As well as before they released info on them. The rest of the delegates were shocked by the sheer size of them.

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