The GDI Ion Cannon Network is perhaps the most powerful weapon in their arsenal and by far considered even by the UGI to be a weapon no fleet would want to get caught in fight with against it.

GDI Ion Cannon Network
Product information

Global Defensive Intiative


Orbital to Surface & Orbital Bombardment Superweapon

Technical information

1,300 meters

Ammo type

Super-high Yield Ichor Plasma

Magazine size

Infinite (Ichor Plasma change every 100 years)

Weapon Action
  • Delivers the equivalent energy of 2.3 million Yottawatts

.5 lightyears

Built many years before the UGI became part of the Galaxy, the Ion Cannon has been remade and improved continuously since its first design.

Given a special self aware droid brain these Ion Cannons Defend their worlds with a passion unlike seen anywhere else in the galaxy. Its said before one enters orbit they are communicate first with the cannons themselves before the Spaceport or Spacestation.

If a vessel fails to repsond the first time the Cannons power up, and if they fail the second response well, they won't get a chance to respond a third time.

A Taiidan Battle cruiser fresh out of the drydock made such a mistake under its arrogant captain who found out all to late just how powerful these cannons were. A single cannon fired frying the shield generator and shattering a good sized portion of the front of the battle cruiser. Stunned at how the cannon was able to deal that much damage and shatter the derexium hull of 40 inches, He was unable to signal for help in time as the other 30 in orbit fired simultaneously. Both GDI and UGI And Taiidan Ships arrived about a week after the disappearance to collect the derexium dust cloud near the planet. Apology was mutal between the three powers and further negotiations for alliance were continued a week later.

GDI ION Cannon Strike

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