Ferin-class Frigate
Frigate perspective
Product information

Carpathian Shipyards





Technical information

457 m

Warp Drive


Warp speed



450 ExaJoules

Sensor Range

450,000 miles3

Targeting systems


  • (6) Missile Pod Launchers
  • (45) Laser Point defense
  • (1) HAVOK FUSION missile pod
  • (12) HAVOK Fusion Missiles

4 fighter squads

Crew requirements


Skeleton Crew




Other systems
  • ARTEMIS class AI

Fleet escort



The Ferin-class Frigate is not only an aesthetically pleasing vessel but it is one of the UGIs most underestimated vessel. With a payload onboard to destroy entire fleets this ship has seen action in 4 major wars. The Novan, Corporate, Sorghelli, and Vahilr War.


If you were to walk onboard you would notice that it had a very open floor plan yet was entirely functional. The reasoning for this was due to possible evacuations the ship could house more more people. However it being open was no fools gamble.

The ship was then armed with mainly missiles for defense purposes however these missiles are well beyond the payload intended. Unassuming and unforgiving with the amount of fusion missles onboard they could effectively wipe out planets that are covered in city with strategically fired missiles.

Though never done these frigates are equipped in the event. But only if UGI High Command says so. Being an escort vessel means it is supposed to support the main ships combat from fighters ornpicket vessels. The most common usage of fusion missiles is to fire them in front of the enemy fleet and detonate them leaving the ships blind with radiation and cause such devastating effect that when detonated a fighter swarm and unshielded vessels are close to area of effect.


The ship designed for efficiency and was rapidly entered into service after the vessel was found to be functional. Only weeks before these vessels were thrusted into the Novan War. During the war many of these vessels were destroyed.

Corporate WarEdit

These vessels were a tough bunch but took losses. They helped secure the UGI Bastion region within the Citadel sector soon after the war ended many of them were retrofitted for a war the UGI feared that would happen too soon. Though plagued by war this vessel stood strong during the short peace.

Sorghelli WarEdit

The Sorghelli war was the largest loss for this vessel nearly 90% of the UGIs Ferin classes were destroyed. Mostly in the defense of not only UGI worlds but worlds that were inadequately defended. The men of these vessels as well as the UGI Navybwere deemed heros but the UGI couldnt give out the Medal of Honor to them alll even though they all went above and beyond the call of duty.

Post SorghelliEdit

These vessels were put back into production and then sent to UGI worlds that needed bolstering defenses. The UGI then sent 20 of these to defend the GALSec station


  • The captain of the vessel has at his terminal a button that allows the ships interior walls on the crew deck to open up bunk beds to allow them to have living space for refugees.
  • The UGI has put enough missiles onboard these frigates to level city planets with strategic placed missiles. However under no circumstance can they do so without authorization from UGIHIGHCOM.

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