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The Fenridians are one of three species compatible with Taiidans. they are distinguishable by their blue skin. They are quite known for their ability to meld minds much like a vulcan but they are the only taiidan compatible that if mated with a Taiidan the Taiidan child will be psychic. Taiidan children with this abilities then take on some of the traits of the parent when usually due to its the only trait they have the Taiidan does not is psychic ability. 


Uknown mostly to the other governments and being part of the UGI they are protected by the UGI and are well known for thier medical advances and being some of the galaxies best psychologist and mental doctors. Due to their psychic abilities they are great when dealing with disturbed people.


Their world was an oceanic world living near literally blue grass, everything there was with a bluish or green hint. They developed blue skin but used to be opague colored. Their immune system is very strong but cannot survive in the Taiidan atmosphere without serious complications. 

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