Don't ever disobey me (neck snapping)again! ~ 5th Commader Eris Juniper Snapping her first officers neck.

Eris Juniper
Eris Juniper
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Imperious Prime


6' 2"



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Commander 5th Tier

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 Eris Juniper is a Taiidan who was adopted by an Imperium family during the Soregheli War. She was introduced to Erex Tech to be apart of the United Universe Project. Erex Tech after consoliting with Techon for a great deal of time discovered the only way  the Universe will be eternially at piece is when a Taiidan representing every major faction in a Galactic Council will mark the end of war in the universe. 

So your are going to make me into this kind of Delegate to Represent the Imperium? ~Eris

For now yes, You will have to be as Taiidan as possible while we move you up the ranks to eventually serve on the predicted Galactic Council.~ Erex Tech

Why me though, why does it have to be Taiidans only? ~ Eris

Because thats the only way the UGI will ever feel safe, and when the UGI feels safe and secure the entire universe is able to breathe a sigh of relief. The UGI thinks they have gained the respect of the universe and when people don't show them respect, its because they don't respect them because they are terrified of them. The only solution that will end this fear is to have a Taiidan representing us, then following my death i have set a solution to the Imperium to give ups its culture, military structure, and lifestyles to merge yes merge not alliance with the UGI.

So I am to be the one who merges the Imperium and UGI together? ~ Eris

Yes because from experience and foresight that is going to be the only way the Universe will ever be at peace. ~ Erex Tech


Eris Juniper was a notably brutal Captian and later commander. She displined her officers in classic Taiidan style. She became an expert to Taiidan traditions and her respect toward the UGI and the Taiidans went far enough were she deliberatly destroyed another Imperium vessel for merely mispronouncing the name of New Taiidan. Before serving in the Imperium she served four years in the UGi armed forces under the name Iris Luniar. 

Her crew became very weary of her and could not overcome their fear of her to be able to respect her. The floor of her ship command room was once silver, it is now red due to officer insubordiance. 

Following the resignition of the Imperium delagte to the Galactic Council she was appointed in his place. From then it was rare that the UGI didn't agree with the Imperium nor the Imperium with the UGI. As predicted it ended the stress between the two on a polictical scale. However, soon Erex Tech was going to turn 340 years old and his age indicated that easily within the next 50 years the Imperium would surrender everything to the UGI. 

"Eris, I'll ask you a question. Why are you with the Imperium I mean your not affiliated with the Taiidans."
―Erex Malren to Eris

Till 7QRT Prediction occurs I cannot tell you than answer as of now. ~Eris Juniper

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