Energy Dispersing Combat Armor MKV is Starfleets answer to combat armor that is designed to protect its officers by using shockwave enhancers that allow energy blast to go through the starfleet person, to ensure he has a higher survivability rate. These combat armors however do not ensure total survivability but those who wear these armors have an 85% rate of surviving a combat situation.


These armors are known for the plates on the chest and the sides that literally will protect the user from nearly all damaging hits on them to thier internal organs as the armor was designed to disperce the energy from the chest to the exterior ligments and limbs. If a damaging shot was recieved in the gut it was to disperse the energy evenly to the out limbs so instead of a injury in the chest area you will have an injury around the arms and legs. 

Black Ops VariantEdit

Black Ops Armor
This armor is known for its all black armoring on it as well as its extra features. Only Starfleet Special Operations soldiers have this variant as it does increase the chance of survivablity. All personnel of Special Operations, weather or not they are a soldier must wear this armor on the site as anything may and can happen. Noone outside of Special Operations except some Intelligence Operatives may have this armor though to be on the safe side though.

As this armor does protect its user from hard hitting blast it can also ensure borg nanites cannot infect the user by displacing a field around its user and wearer from the borg nanites. This is the only variant of the Energy Dispersing Combat Armor MKV that does this.


All other versions are just the normal characteristics only the Black Ops has different variants.