Elizabeth Braun, as played by Milla Jovovich, in the rain.

Ensign Elizabeth Braun was a crew member on the Firestorm.


Elizabeth comes from a military family. Her grandfather on her mother's side was in the military, both her parents were military, and therefore she went to the military academy as soon as she got the chance.

There, she discovered that her specialty was in piloting--specifically, in capital ship combat maneuvers. Or at least in the simulators, she was. She signed up to help field test new models of ships, and as such she was placed on the list of people that could be trusted to help pilot the Firestorm, should the main helmsman be unavailable.


Elizabeth is a skilled pilot... in the simulations, anyhow. She's somewhat untested in real life.

She has the ability to write and argue--before she came to the Firestorm she did write a widely-read academic paper detailing several things capital ships seem to lack in terms of maneuverability.

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