Product information

Taiidan Arms


Heavy Assault Rifle

Technical information
Ammo type

High Impact Plasma

Max. Ammo


Magazine size


Weapon Action

Fully Automatic


29.9 meters


SOLARIS Plasma Rifle

The EURYS H-AR is designed for SpecForce Command and any special forces in the UGI. This weapon has the combined power of a Combat shotgun with the ammo capacity of a heavy machine gun, with the range of a long range assault rifle.


Designed for sole use of SpecForce Command and all Special Forces within the UGI was designed with power, speed, and reliability in mind. They took designed it from the ground up and they again used a Black Codex soldier who inevitablly failed the augmentation due to this weapons power. It when it hit him tore right through him and he had to go into augmentation. The power of this weapon shocked everyone with that kind of power they knew they had a rifle that couldn't be used by anyone but Special Forces so they designed special features to protect the weapon.

By accessing any Taiidan Arms due to this weapon each Taiidan's nanites are unique in not only frequency, size and weight. The weapons of Taiidan Arms once wielded by a Taiidan the weapon cannot be used by anyone else otherwise the magazine within the rifle will explode killing anyone and anything within a 15 meter radius. This explosion also leaves a crater about 5 meters deep. 


General Arvodavis requested a weapon that SpecForce could use to put down anyone even supersoldiers. Taiidan Arms began to work on it. 5 days later they had a prototype ready and it killed a Black Codex supersoldier. The amount of damage it caused him meant it would tear through tanks of anysize. When it was put into action there was really no need for double tapping anyone due to it tore people apart from the amount force that began to be exherted on the enemy. This weapon is the sole reason UGI's Special Forces are the best in the galaxy. As it delievered enough firepower to take down buildings if fired at supports. 

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