EGA Symbol

The EGA Flag

The EGA is an assembly of Extra Galactic Colonies that formed through both UGF and Uranian Colonists seeking life away beyond the overly strict laws of the governments. While the Uranians highly promoted this form of colonistation both UGF and the UGI highly disliked the idea. However the UGF allowed the colonistation to proceed so long as a form of Law was upheld in the colonies beyond the galaxy. when no one was avilible to enforce the law out there the UGF provided enforcment their option was UGF Elite. Technically, they would be used to make sure that the EGA's laws were upheld at all times. However, many UGF Elite, realizing how laid back the rules were, became the center of power outside the galaxy. Even the rule "don't touch the armour" was made unoffically and was more or less just something used to amuse the corrupted department.  

The EGAEdit

The EGA is the center of Government outside the galaxy in only name. The real power lies in the corrupt UGF Elite and their excessively oversized military forces. Civilians have only one right and that is the right to live or die. nearly 99% of all citzens live outside the law creating many minor factions each with varing levels of technology and culture. Some factions truly are pirates while others are just trying to feed their families. 

The UGF Elite FleetsEdit

The UGF Elite have over 30,000 ships patrolling Extra Galactic space. Known of these are Uranian nor UGI based. These ships are custom designed by each Elite squadron and many ships can be over a kilometer long. The ships are heavily armed and many were once either UGI, Uranian, or old Jekvin Coalition ships that had survived the Corporate War only to be decommisioned a short while later. These ships were then sent to a ships grave yard where they were refitted with outdated technology to be sent beyond the galaxy as the UGF Elites Fleets. 

"As unbelievable as it sounds, most extra galactic aliens we have encountered still use laser weapons and haven't achived phasers or even shields and the latter only on their largest space stations. When we tried sharing technology They would whisper amongst themselves until they told us that they have no need of any advanced technology that we might posses. They seem to hold a tremoundous fear on a certain race that is said to explore this galaxy once every 100 years they refer to them as the Atrox." A uncorrupted UGF Elite making a report to the UGF on Unitas. 

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