Biologial information


Physical information
Average Height




Skin color

Pale Green

Hair color


Eye color

Fiery Orange (no pupil or iris visible)


Usually one Mission, Some Veterans have survived 12 or more. The Oldest is 89 currently.

Physical distinctions

Choosing Demonic to describe them is to subtle of a word.


Whatever they get their hands on.

Known ranks


Notable Facts

Show weakness near heavy electromagnetic fields.

Other names

The Fallen Ones

The Dreadvine are the soldiers of the Desolation Division. They take the word cruelty and terror to levels that very few ever go to. Anyone who doesn't run at first sight of one is either stupid or insane. The exception to this would have to be the Cypher Division. They are the only people who have a 60% chance survival agianst these monsters. And even that % chance can drop to about 30%. 


The division is infamous for cannibalizing its own, even while their still alive. They were genetically bred to be death defying and are incredibly hard to kill, they are more often left for dead and then rise back up on their killers then they are killed. Immensely strong and tough they have survived entire structures falling on top of them to only rise again (injured) but undaunted. In their genetics they have been created to be Algolangiac, Anthropophagy_ic, Autassassinophilliaic, Erotophonoic, Sociopathic, and Merciless killers. 


Upon being created they are fully trained, the only thing they need to learn is how to deal with new threats, that is relied upon by the last surviving dreadvine from the last mission. 


Jerod Tech employed complete evil in these creatures by discovering in cyberspace a Cult of Zenos file regarding the Arkani. He then used this file and actually downsized some of their abilities so he could control them. They are in Fact the form of the Arkani only smaller and less powerful. 

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