Dread seed monster
One of the by products of the Dread Seed, as it turned normal people into mindless monsters, and became not only mutated, but far too dangerous to allow to live, although no cure was ever found to return the victim back to normal this maybe due to Zenos. Whenever an outbreak of the Dread Seed plague entered a worlds atmosphere the UGI would send in its Containment Troops to protect the civilians from the monstrosities and contain the area affected. The Dread Seed War as it was named became so violent in containment that the UGI started to accept Starfleet marines and officers to be trained in the Contaiment Protocols. 


These individual victims showed an increase in strength by nearly ten fold, it is actually been discovered that the people are being turned into the first versions of Taiidans as what is depicted is what the first generation of Taiidans looked like. The containment of these victims meant eradication, and destruction. UGI Contaimnet troops would flusht them out with fire and execute them as they charged. They also became agile and extremely adept at leaping long distances, they could leap nearly 20 to thirty meters depending on the world, it is unknown why this is happening but the mutation caused the victims leg muscles to increase in size and strength jumping the proportionl length of the Earth Jumping Spiders. However they begin to grow claws and talons that were very dangerous as they would infect the individual and mutation and gestation of the virus was instananous, nearly five seconds after infection they would begin to mutate. 

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