Dr. Luca Colins

D. Luca Colins

Dr. Luca Colins was the head superweapon specalist of the Imperium throughout its 600 year history before it merged with the UGI. When he considered retirment he found himself considered property of the UGI due to begining mostly made of cybernetics minus fr his brain, he was conscripted into the UGI science division for the reverse engineering of Imperium weapons and the reegnineering of them into the UGI arsenal. He is partly responsible for the Creation of the Anubis Platform. He is also considered the mastermind behind the Imperium Super Project protocol 9. 

He is also responsible for the genetic engineering of the Imperium Supreme Elite. As well as a great deal of numerous projects involving weapons of unbelievalble destruction. 3488 just 3 years following the merging of the UGI and the Imperium Dr. Luca Colins vanished. 

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