Dr. Koby Lin

Dr. Koby Lin On Duty

Dr. Koby Lin is one of the smartest scientists who volunteered to join the Jekvin Coalition. She is also among one of the most skilled saboutage commandos in the faction. During the corporate war she became the brain child of The Townes superweapon. 

In Command of the TownesEdit

Few aliens can say that they had a better commader than Dr. Koby Lin. She worked hard with the group as they tried to manage and control the Townes Superweapon when Jekvin forces deployed it. She was also an intamite companion to recieve advise from regarding technical help and understanding of the technology. 

"Asking questions gives you answers which makes you smarter." Dr. Koby Lin.


All though a very attractive woman who was often asked out, when not on shift, she would calmly refuse the invitation thanking them for asking. 

Sarci Nevron: for a long time Dr. Koby Lin took a strong interest in Sarci. Sarci for a long period of the war took notice of her but couldn't bring himself to accept her invintations and advances. However, throughout the war they remained good friends seeking council from each other on many things including their work as well as relationships. 

Revan Jekvin: Revan has always held a soft place in his heart for Dr. Koby, he never accepted her advances but promised her that when the war was over he and she would marry. That never came though when Revan jekvin was killed shorthly before the end of the War leaving Dr. Koby heart broken. 


UGI: Edit

Out of respect for her father she joined the UGI just after the Corporate War. Promising to work on counter defenses to the weapon she designed. Unfortuanately, she was mistakenly killed by a Cypher, when she had asked for information not just the Shields but also on the location of LorTech. After her death a unique discovery was learned that her mother was Taiidan but her father had been Human. This uniqueness about her prompted cloning of her for scientific studies, as well as for managing research projects. This also revealed a unique never before seen Cybernetic that stored her not just her memory but also her very consciousness. This allowed for her to be transplanted into some of her clone bodies, allowing her continual existance. 

One of the clones though would escape to the UGF and attempt to meet Sarci Nevron for help. However she got to Starbase 01 only to see the accident that sent the Firestorm beyond the universe. At this point the loss of her humanity as well as the loss of her best friend broke the very mind of Dr. Koby Lin causing her to be in need of mental asylum. She was commited to VPRI due to a cloning mishap that had increased her telepathy. 

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