Devar Uroc
Devar Uroc
Biographical information



Razureth Prime


9'ft 2" inches




Later: The Vengance

Notable Facts

Greatly dislikes his creator, thinks Sarci is a pathetic, and his the Razureth equivalent of Erex Malren.

Military Information

Leader of the Razureth

Security Clearance

level 20

Awards and Honors
  • Purple heart (30 times awarded)
"Do you know who i am," Rathal 

"Ya, your our Creator who pitted us against the Atrox, and then disappeared leaving us to be nearly  wiped out at their hands." Devar Uroc

"Some days i feel like i cannot do anything right." Rathal in self-response to Devar Uroc's reply 

Devar Uroc is one of the last 150 razureth in existance, he and all the remaing razureth were summoned aboard the firestorm in an attempt to compensate for crew losses as well as a means of preserving the razureth race. He took an instant dislike for Sarci and declared him a pathetic excuse for a razureth, he also took a dislike to Arroki as she was half Razureth. He quickly made friends with Harold Fischer due to the prefered direct simplicity of plans. He also showed to be the leader of Drex Vular, Katri Vess, and Hethra Nerous, along with 147 Razureth. 

Unfortunately the removal of the Razureth from the Atrox's galaxy allowed the Atrox to focus more on conquering the Galaxy of the UGF and UPI. 

Brief history summaryEdit

"I have fought on nearly 30,000 atrox worlds, i have led millions of razureth, against the Atrox and watched millions of them die, and you tell me that all of this history of our war against them and the atrox themselves was merely a game, and we were the PAWNS!!!" Devar Uroc's response to Rathal's confession.

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