Derexium is a metal alloy used on UGI vessels that is extremely hard, it is the hardest as well the heaviest armor plating you can put on a ship. Neither AULTECH Industries, nor the IFP can create it due to the massive amounts of energy required, and the massive pressure it also requires. The metal has been historically only being able to be built by the Taiidans. Derexium is a natural conductor due to the metals involved are all conductive, Derexium can withstand energy blast for limited periods of time, but will not break underneath by a single blast with ships that are armored in such.


Derexium plate up-close
Derexium is considered so hard that literally Torpedos will bounce off and or detonate on impact without causing damage to the ship at all. It also appears to be an intresting variation of metals but in comboniation and unison it makes for the hardest metal known to the galaxy as well as many galaxies. 


To build Derexium it requires an alloy built from Neutronium, Deutronium, Duranium, Carbide, Steel, Titanium, Platinum, Uranium - 238 and last but not least Durasteel, this alloy must be in a single sheet of 19 meters thick and with intense heat of 200,000 degrees and nearly 80 quadrillion pounds of pressure they compress this single sheet of metal into 3.5 meters thick or less. If the sheet is 80 meters by 80 meters by 80 meters and then  compressing it down to the width they need it will become 1600 meters/1600 meters and 3.5 meters tall. However the math doesn't exactly make sense due to parts of the metal is then replicated to produce more of it.

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