Depthempium is an anomoly on the elemental table.Created by the Uranians of many eras past and stored in their tech store housesfor their desendants to redicover Depthempium can only be created with Uranian Technology. 


Depthempium is a strong material a just short bit shy of Derexium in strength however unlike most elements it has no shatter point. However if the right frequuency is used Depthempium can be distorted making its shape change. Depthempium is used in virtually everything as it isn't crushable by gravity. But its most unique feature is when used as armour for spaceships and in Planetary Repulse Generators.

Unique FeatureEdit

By using two different forms of Kalminite radiation a different reaction takes place. By using Gold Kalminite radiation Depthempium can produce immense Gravity Fields which literally pull energy weapons and projectiles toward itself. While objects coated with Depthemium resist the Gravitation pull. In space battles this feature can be activated on ships that are trying to shield other ships by forcing the enemy's weapons to target it instead of the target they were attempting to attack. 

Aqua Kalminite radiation when used instead causes the Depthempium to produce incredibly powerful Inverted Gravometric Fields. This creates an immense field where gravity works in reverse bending light to move way from itself and forcing weapons to forced off course and away from the field. Ships can use this ability though because Aqua Kalminite is far more difficult to produce it is more often used on Planetary Repulse Generators

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